Saturday, March 11, 2006

Shameless Fun

In the land where hell freezes over every now and then a day comes along that somehow equates to starvation meets smorgasbord. Today is this day.

I awake to four phat hours before all the gears are in play. While coffee percolates and seven year olds sleep I aptly name the extension of property that Simon has used during these past several months as "Poo Alley". While no description is necessary, I am impressed with the accuracy of the distance between deliveries.

Sun met snow sending off boundless excitement. Equipment is joyfully packed in the trunk and we are toting a knapsack that might possibly see a small family through war and famine. As my son and I are skiward bound, classics: Alice Cooper - I'm 18, Hotel California, Stairway to Heaven spill out stories of high school dances and thoughts of how life is, a "temporary assignment".

Highlights at the hill ~ my son's young instructor "Ben Kanobi" is in fine form. Towering us with his unusually large stature and curly long blond hair which is more wicked and wild than usual, however, his warm familiar smile and gentle nature are status quo. So much good, so much to write! OK. Ok... Chairlift people ... Bunny trails ... Stealing some runs with my son, rope tows... Report Cards, a free hotdog, tubing (the gal I met from CA), marathon finishes, bum slides, mud puddles, ... Visiting Gramma and Grampa soaking wet and smiling.

Good food, good conversation (who IS God's mother?), many giggles.......One tired little boy.

So when I lifted his lifeless body from the car, first try, second try - Grunt! LIFT! Kicking the front door shut with one foot, impressing myself skillfully planting my small frame up every stair in darkness, having an "I'll Love You Forever" moment on the edge of the bed, snaking off a coat, gently reclining my angel to the bed and removing both boots in a fashion that won't put any extra strain on his little body - I reach for the covers and .. God Bless the moonlight - I see a BIG b r o a d smile and a fully engaged voice say "I was awake the whooole time".

Nite All.