Saturday, May 13, 2006


Goalie is the toughest position and what IS that beeping?!
So tough when it always gets down to the net eh?
You ALL played with heart.
** Enjoy the summer!!!!!! **
And Canada, so there is a french Jason ~
who knew he'd be the one who got it in....
Miller seems alright...
You know what I think. I think that it would be interesting to see what the game would be like if you HAD to play for your country. THAT would be determined with either where you were born OR which country you spent your youth playing hockey and growing up.
That would be an interesting game.
I guess it's just a little upsetting to have a francophone score on us.
And WHO is this weenie with the mic asking Alfie what it's like in the dressing room with that goofy smirk on his face...We just lost Bonehead!

Over Time

Sudden Death

2:2 8min left in the 3rd

Mother's Day - Part Four


I'm listening to my Return to Ipanema CD, I've arranged my mothers flowers,

** B - E -A - U- T - I - F - U - L **

putting groceries away, doing dishes, cleaning the stovetop, you know, that sort of thing....sweeping away annnnnnd what do I find hidden under a TV table? :-)

Happy Mother's Day!
Thanks for everything you do.

With this hand writen note adorned with three coloured flowers:

Mom thank you for helping me and giveing me food water and love! You are the best mom in the world!!!!!! You are always happy happy. Love Omar


I think he's trying to tell me something, non? ;-)

Mother's Day - Part Three

Just in from signing Omar up for Beavers (Canada - I saw your hubby there, what a fun group! :-)) and having my MIND BLOWN at a scrap booking store - THAT is a serious hobby! I have been collecting pictures of specific flowers that over the years are my mother's favourites (she is an avid gardner) as well as ones that are meaningful to her and I as mother and daughter. These will be laid out on beautiful card stock booklet made my moi, the pictures printed beautifully (although I wasn't happy with the lily - it was a little over exposed...anyhoo...) the meaning of each of these ten flowers will be included. I know that she sees them frequently, and throughout the season (such as her lilies and the lily pads at the house, as well as she is starting my morning glories from seed for me right now :-))....So, I thought that being reminded of the meaning behind each of these special flowers would enhance her classes at the horicultural society, walks through her garden, continued nurturing as well as remind her of how much I love her on a more frequent basis :-). Not to mention that if I spent any money right now she'd have my ass in a sling! lol Besides, who wouldn't like to look at more flowers? Oh, yeah, and I did get her her favourite flowers too :-). Who knows, maybe even dad will look at her garden with more appreciation - even though he is the mastermind behind the watering system that was put in place for her garden :-).

So. When I popped in the door to kick off my shoes, guess what awaits me in the closet? :-)))

This beautiful poem from Omar with two children carefully coloured, the boy in blue with brown hair and the girl with long gold hair wearing pink with blue colour and yellow around her wrists.

God made a wonderful mother,
A mother who never grows old.
He made her smile of sunshine.
He moulded her heart of gold.
He made her like an angel,
As anyone ever could be.
God made a wonderful mother
And that mother he gave to ME!


Mother's Day - part two

Am I just too stupid to be sad?
Damn surplus of endorphines.


Earnestly, the only thing that is making me sad is the Moot thing. Not just for Omar, but also for Moot and of course for me.

I have found yet another Mother's Day card. This one was tucked in with the cat & dog's dry food. Pink construction paper folded in a unique way with a red paper flower with a yellow centre over a black flower pot (all are cut out quite well!)

Happy Mother's Day

My love for you just grows (open the card)
and grows (the flower now has a stem) (open the card again)
and grows (the flower now has a stem with leaves) (open the card again)

and grows! (the full length card fully's beautiful!!)

:-) Happy :-)

Mother's Day - part one

Before lil'grunt headed off for the weekend with his papa (who, for the record, forgot it was mother's day this weekend, in years gone by my mother would have Omar sign a card to give to me)...Omar has Mother's Day gifts (thank goodness for the ladies at daycare) all about the house for me. I just found a card framed in pink with a pink heart that he even drew a shadow behind the heart for a 3D effect (that's pretty cool - especially for a seven year old), four other multicoloured hearts, a sun and two of his "crazy S's" and Love Omar xoxoxoxo <3

Dear mom you are the most responsible, proud hard working, happy happy happy mom!!!!!! You are the best mom ever!

Big Sigh. Yes, all the drugs help ;-)

I will miss him on Mother's Day

Last year Moot and Omar delivered breakfast in bed to me. ..

Friday, May 12, 2006

When Life Gives You Lemons...

Squirt the juice into the eyes of your enemies? Huh?

Today, I saw my little man come to tears over the Mootappearance (aka the disappearance of Grog Moot). I think it's fair to say that this portion of my life is sucking in gargantuan ways. Yes, yes, it's true that I haven't developed and facial rashes or nervous twitches as yet.

Sullen, I sought answers to where Moot could have disappeared to. Which, brought me here

I think they may be onto something.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

And That's The Way It Was!


2:1 Sens

Ray of Light for Ray Emery



1:0 SENS

Game Night

Kid is bathed.

Food is set up on TV tables.

Sens are walking out on to the ice....

(Omar and I already said a Pre-game prayer)

GO SENS GO!@!!!!!

(this is SOOOOO exciting!!!)

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Fall Girl

I’m back at work and feel generally nauseated. One staff member called me last night with kind words. My comments below describe my course of action.

My knee felt strong last night at practice, staying off of it and resting as much as possible since last Wednesday was the right thing to do. But, I must admit that skating with this much intensity is not something I will continue to pursue. I miss my bike more than ever. I also miss MOOT more than ever.

And that’s the way it was.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Runs in the Family

I left work today. An unpleasant comment was made about my family by one of the staff.

Sooo...I went to visit my brother at his tanning salon, then ran a few errans with my friend and took a walk on the nature trails.

Put on 25km on my skates tonight. Practicing in the Gats is soo lovely...Perfect hills.


Sunday, May 07, 2006

Well You Know My Name Is Simon Sunday

It was a "Sleep in Sunday" - rare, well deserved and quite needed. I couldn't stay in bed any later than 10ish, but lil' Grunt was still sawin' logs at 11am and needed to be woken up. I was requested (and then reminded several times) by him the previous night to wake him up singing, "Good Morning, Good Morning, It's time to rise and shine....good morning, good morning to you". You know, that one or a reasonable facimile. Sooo, after my shower and coffee in my sweetest singing voice, woke up my sweet prince. We had a yummy Sunday breakfast, I'm well known for my Sunday breakfasts, often referred to as FEASTS. Today we were in a hurry so I stuck to Egg McMuffins and juice then had Omar jump in the bath. Kids his age get pretty dirty on a daily basis, lines of dirt on sticky hands, sand in hair, sand in there, sand-sand everywhere! (Welcome to the rapidly changing thought process of a parent)

Fed, clean and off we go to our 1:30 play date. Which involved the kids having a childish blast on swings, a game of Kerplunk, a snack and then the mommy's met up at the school where we mapped out the play yard for the new painting of hopscotch, four square, line game, race track, basketball court, 100 square, snail hopstoch (a variation of hopscotch), the Peace area (a mediations spot), the kindergarden game area, where the newly voted in mascot would be (hearing the kids roar with delight when it was announced at last week's school News Show), the welcome area, the fund raising for the new play structure was a success and will be placed adjacent to the existing one, so placement of the two teatherballs (I was happy to hear we could afford these and was pining for a certain location :-)) will go on the other side with the goal of maintaining as much green space as possible. We also discussed purchasing a couple more nets. Posterier to the existing soccer feild it was agreed would be the secondary soccer area for younger kids. Currently a rotation is used to separate the grades....Hilarious getting the guys to do the 100 square court, they were doing a great job entertaining the kids showing them how to shoot basketballs and had managed to avoid any of the real work surrounding the project and immediately looking for ways out when we summonded them :-), but did a fantastic job (correction, near PERFECT job actually :-)) - so tomorrow it will be great to see if the kids use it. No sooner than I had finished chalking out the last of three four square courts were the children already playing on it. I was so impressed that Grey's mom had really done her homework and actually visited one of the cities most decorated and well used playground to bring some ideas to our recess zone. There was even an in school survey done to identify what the children were wanting more of. More careful planning surrounding the existing rotation structure of age groups was incorporated as well. I suggested Google Earth if we needed to take a final look at the project in scale. Omar and I use Google Earth to zoom around the planet and check out where mommy has been.

There are other plans for the tobogan hill and timber to be delivered in the next week or two for the quiet zone. Ah... :-) Happiness IS.

It's a truly wonderful school....Even our Mountain Biking Community - I made loose plans to meet up with a local mtbiker, we missed each other, but later that week Omar and I met up with him and his wife - she turned out to be the school librarian - what a surprise! She also happens to be in charge of our monthly school news letter. Omar and her remembered each other well (as that day happened to be library day) and therefore had lots to talk about on our very long ride (Ricardo was happy to see the next generation of mountain bikers and she was impressed at how long my little guy held out - I guess all those years of taking him along on my hikes and bikes have conditioned him well). They too have enjoyed night rides, which I would like to plan again real soon. :-)

Zis is zee couch. Tell me how are ew feeling?

Stand back the kettle's on and she's about to whistle an evapourating potentially disappearing post of boiling rage.

I had to endure a influx of questions and comments from Omar yesterday surrounding Moot. Take this in:
  • I really miss Grog (Moot)
  • can I call him
  • why can't I call him
  • I want to ask him if he's coming back
  • Is he coming back
  • I would tell him I love him and that I want him to come back
  • Maybe he's waiting for us to call him
  • OK, I'm going downstairs to call him now
  • Why not?
  • But I miss him
  • But I thought he was moving in

Here son, I know you're only seven, but let me fill you in. Some men are 664¥854¥459 ÊÞ½¹¯ÄºÞ°. Why didn't he say goodbye to you? Because he's a .9815@Ľ±ÝÄÞ½º± There's really no other reasonable explanation. Can you call him? NO, no you can not call him. Do you want a @»¯¶°ºÞ°Ù(Íß±) in our home. Yes, I understand you had fun with him and yes he played with you, read you bedtime stories, took you skiing, bought you roller skates, played hockey with you, cuddled you, picked you up when you were crying, encouraged you when you were sad or confused and yes, brought you to the hockey games over the past four years or so and yes I know he disappeared of the face of the ÊÞ½¹¯ÄºÞ°Ù planet without so much as a ÊÞ½¹¯ÄºÞ°Ù you very much. Maybe he needed to hurt you as much as he was hurt by the very same action. This is what ˆÀ‘S—̈æF17 do. Rather than facing things and dealing with them, they let women and children take the hit.

What I had to say....Of course it was primarily the sacrine packaged crap that you say to your kid when you've dated the @̨¯ÄȽ¼½ÃÑ with the occasional nugget of raw brown reality.Will that be one lump or two? Tea's on!

Have I ever been a ÊÞ½¹¯ÄºÞ°Ù ? Not quite to this degree, but I'm sure we have all had our @ƒeƒjƒXƒlƒbƒg moments. But wouldn't that be the pot calling the kettle black? Perhaps yes, if it were ME who had actually bailed on a child ever. Which is not the case here.

Welcome to "THE COUCH".

Tell me, how does zis child's comments make YOU feel?