Saturday, June 02, 2007


My mild irritation is a direct derivative of being in one place and wishing I could physically transport myself somewhere else.

My laziness has hit an all time high whilst I procrastinate the next four steps I will need to take to get to where I need to go.

OK, I just pictured the sun going down at the Lake....

All the inspiration I needed - I'm outta here!!!

GO SENS GO on the BIG ASS screen and booze to boot.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Bus Passes and Poop

Darlene (41) and Denis (64) are special needs. We "adopted" Darlene into our family when I was in high school. She's a fiery spitball I tell ya. Very high functional, takes exceptional care of herself (has better oral hygiene than the average Joe) and of Denis, who requires more assistance. They live together in a cute little apartment close to the beach. Their funds are extremely limited; they both have jobs and the great sense of humor to boot. Darlene will call my house and leave messageS. Plural. If she wants to speak to my mom, or me she's relentless. Tonight the issue was bus passes and "poops". Apparently Denis' counselor showed up at his work and Denis had to leave without being able to clarify his counselor's instructions regarding his bus pass. In addition to that, Denise has to get this Raison Brand cereal, because he's a little backed up. The last time I paid them a visit it was to set up Denis' new Ghetto blaster in his bedroom. I checked on the hamster and gave Darlene a really nice Crest Oral B rotary toothbrush. I'm thinking with her hands getting shakier, I'll need to visit more often, so, today I will make a point of marking my calendar for some regular visits - I know how much they'd love a spaghetti supper (and stocking of their freezer). Omar will happily play on Darlene's play station, the last time we were there Denis taught Omar to play "Trouble".

Some people could care less to help out people society might prefer not to see at all. For me, it makes me feel really good. I don't get paid, I don't get acknowledged but I get to feel great and care for people I love.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Fish Heaven

Friday was a big day at work, big client - boardroom stuff, so although I was feeling sad, I needed to go in. I was having a really hard time with something, (missing a couple of girls to be precise)....well, you know when someone asks you "how are you" and that's all it takes to reduce you to tears? Well, that was me on Friday - the most inopportune time to be emotional. I told one of my work buddies that my gloominess was due to the fact that the fish died that morning. Both of us knowing the fish story was just that ~ a fish story - he sent this to me:

It reads:
Guess what? I'm having a fine time up here in fishy heaven.
I'm not sure if he meant for the scan to come through upside down or not, but as far as I'm concerned, that was perfect!
Thanks Jiver. :)

Sunday, May 27, 2007


Sometime after putting Omar to bed, I hear him approaching from behind; his footsteps rhythmic and purposeful. As I turn to see his contorted face drenched in tears he blurts out:

Mawm, I don't want to let Chuckles go!!!!!

Awww (wrapping my arms around him)....I know, you love him so much...shh-shh, there-there....shhhhhh..

I carry him back upstairs, tuck him in, bring water, tell him all the things parents tell their children that makes everything perfectly ok once again.

Omar: I would give away my playstation to have him back!!!

Now, my friend, THAT is serious love.

Who is Chuckles?

He is Omar's Millworm that he raised in school beginning at larva, then pupa... They were ready to release them whether or not the full transformation to beetle had occurred. Omar explained to (see: begged) me how delicate this stage was and so we decided it was best to have Chuckles come home with us. As soon as Omar got home from Cubs Camp he went straight to check on Chuckles and brought him to me right away to show me the "gross" pupa shedding and how Chuckles had become this beautiful beetle. "I have to set him free now mom"... So out he went into my flowerpot.

Everyone, please welcome Chuckles and a boy's love of a beetle:


This is the beginning of the parade that lead to 900 Beavers, Cubs and Scounts joining for a weekend of camping and fun. If I wasn't so tired, I would try to figure out how to upload my little video clip.