Saturday, January 27, 2007

Six Weird Things About Me

As tagged by Lone Grey Squirrel (sincere thank you for momentarily pulling me away from workworld to delve back into blogland!)

1. My first dog "Souling", was 18yrs old when she was put to rest. I was away on a trip when my mom had to bring her in. She was given to me for my 8th birthday, in a box that was contained something that was moving…a puppy! Complete with a red bow around her neck. I didn’t know for sure I was going to get her, but had picked her out because she was the biggest in the litter. I thought she would be the strongest having fought the hardest for pole nipple position. Welcome to the mind of an 8yr old. My mom, being the compassionate, loving woman that she is, put the dog down to relieve the pain she began to experience and then put her in a box and into our basement deep freezer so that I could bury her. Having missed the process leading up to the death of my dog, when I returned home to find out the dog had been put to sleep I felt somewhat detached from the event and the frozen dog in our basement just creeped me out. Every time I thought about moving the box for the burial, the idea of the dog sliding around from end to end like a box of frozen chicken breasts clunking from side to side FREAKED ME OUT. Even though mom told me she was wrapped nicely in a blanket…I avoided it for about two months before I admitted that this was beyond me and went to my father for assistance. Dad took care everything. I could write all six weird things about how terrible I am at dealing with death. But I won’t. Because it makes me uncomfortable.

2. I have a deep-rooted respect for the planet. Being the type that would likely split an atom analyzing, I think it makes me a little bit “quirky” when I try to justify buying things that add to destruction of the planet. I might be a bit of a minimalist that way. I think that as a whole, we as a society live such a luxuriant lifestyle that it is blatantly shameful. At the same time I indulge and then go through a sense of guilty remorse thereafter. Suvival's a bitch and why cooking is such a relieve for me - I can't find anything wrong with it...Until I begin to think of the people without enough food....GAK! Welcome to my inner spinnings of torturous thoughts and the reason I should not be single.

3. My son thinks there is “NOTHING” weird about me. That might be weird.

4. I don’t sleep with anything strange, I don’t have any strong superstitions or any major health concerns. I don’t have anything weird on my body aside from two black toe nails from doing the breast cancer walk last year…I think what's weird is that I think that my family is the weirdest thing of all.

5. Mooshy foods in the morning ie. Overripe bananas, cakey pancakes, soggy cereal will make me want to gag. That in itself isn't so weird, but any other time in the day I would be able to tolerate them without a problem.

6. I tend to care less about how my home looks than I do about how I feel in it. Perhaps weird for a girl non?

In honour of the delightful and insightful
Lone Grey Squirrel here's the picture I took last weekend on the trails:

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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

A Quick Moment

I had no intention of posting this morning. In fact even though for the past two evenings I have been working past midnight and like this morning up at 6am. I read a post from Dave that really bothered me and before I embark on what will be another busy day I need take a moment for myself and let it all spill.

My grandfather died of bleeding ulcers and I've been freaking out because this is the third bout of pains in my stomach that I've experienced. I may have blogged about it at Christmas, I'm not sure - but I went to the country thinking it was the flu. Then the pains returned in early Jan while I was on the road and I was sure it was lactose intolerance. I was driving around, making my calls and doubled over in my car. So bad, I pulled over to a mall, went in and bought some lactaid in a desperate attempt to curb the pangs of pain. Then it hit me again on Saturday, again I reviewed my dairy intake...Sigh. I'm questioning my stress. I've made my doctors appointment. I don't feel as much scared as I do just hyper protective of anxiety levels.

I mentioned I met someone. He's a widower, his wife died of breast cancer three years ago and he has two beautiful daughters. I can say that having a glimmer of love has been nice though....So we'll see how that goes.

Back to my tummy. Work stress is all self imposed. The truth is all I want is to make ends meet and I know I will get there sooner by putting one foot in front of the other. I did an annual financial forecast, so I know exactly where things are at, and where I am going. The last thing I needed was the car accident - but when I'm too busy to write about the third frickin kid driving his/her daddy's car putting me at the receiving end and missing work, dealing with police, grr..I didn't even get to write about his lie.....*huff*

Omar? He was SUPER tied last night, because the night before I told him he could read for 5 mins in bed. I went downstairs, began working and lost track of time. An HOUR LATER he came down with a proud smile on his face (I freak out inside that he's still awake), but he's so happy he finished all 128 pages of his book. I congratulate him and tuck him back into bed, now feeling ashamed that I didn't follow up with him on time...ANYWAY...Last night he turned into bitchy boy and argued and argued with me about wanting to rip out something that was glued to his homework book (had he actually tried to rip it off the page, it would have ruined the work)...ANYWAY...grr...he insisted even after I told him it was fine, just to leave it...not normal behaviour for him...then I remembered about the late night....Long story short, I made it float, but it involved putting a cap on the whole deal and putting him to bed at 8:30...Now I expect to go upstairs and wake up a brand new child.

I send out my love in all directions.

Perhaps I'll take a moment tonight before I head out with my girlfriend to play a little tag. ;)

If anyone needs to be inspired, check out what Dave's been up to.


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Sunday, January 21, 2007


A man who's proven to have seemingly gentleman-like qualities has appeared on scene. Said gentleman caller has booked me for the month of January and February for Sens Hockey games.

Said gentleman and I went to lunch yesterday and then
this movie last night.
It had all the right elements.

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