Saturday, December 30, 2006

Country Livin' It's The Life For Me!! Part ONE

Ugh. Flu, colds, general malaise. At least the dog is smiling. I developed stomach pains on Thursday and went up to mom and dad's to be taken care of...Turns out my brother had the same and then his girlfriend got the barfy flu. Poor thing, her parents are visiting from the States and she was primarily puking. Vomiting is a much nicer word, I agree, but prefer primarily puking to vomiting visit. My Dad had a head cold. A bunch of sickies we were, un-huh, achoo.

By Friday afternoon, my tummy felt a little better. The lake ice was only about 4" thick, so not really ready for skating, perfect day for tubing though...But the local ski hill close by wasn't advertising tubing...and the local two-movie-theatre just finished holding Charlotte's Web over...So, Omar tried his new snowboard while my niece and I used the traditional bum on a board method. By nighttime the stars were out and we used the three-person toboggan and were going for distance! By the morning, I was the proud new owner of my dad's cold.


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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Left Overs

After inviting Omar’s dad Cliff to stay for supper, I realize there might not be enough mashed potatoes. Leaving the guys behind, I borrow his Jeep and head to the store. Pretty uneventful, one long line up, an annoying woman in a stupid hat, a kid who pukes and I’m OUT.

Back at the house, I arrive with the potatoes and break out
Le Willi Waller 2006. I was surprised Cliffy knew of Le Willi Waller 2006! When using quality products such as Le Willi Waller 2006, it makes kitchen preparation so much easier. CHECK IT OUT!

Bon Appetite!


Omar's Boxing Day Snowman

All it takes is an inch or so of snow to bring happiness to a child.


Monday, December 25, 2006




Omar & Nancy


Sunday, December 24, 2006

What Movie Do You Watch Every Year?

For over a decade now, this is what gets watched around here.
...and the Sound of Music...

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For Christmas Eve, I give you...The Kittens

When a thin little feral cat showed up at my backdoor meowing to come in, I had no idea that she was pregnant with a litter of six kittens. Nor did I expect she'd eat as much dog food as she did!

The birth was unbelievable, she was an excellent mamma cat. It was heartbreaking separating her from her kittens. Through some help from Friends of Abandoned Pets, homes were found for each of the kittens. Nobody ever claimed the momma cat a.k.a. Venezuela Bendara Chikita Banana III (Baby Girl for short), so she became a part of our family.

Note there were three breeds of kittens - 3 Tabby, 2 Tortoiseshell (or Calico or Torbie) and 1 Smoke (at least that's what the animal hospital called the runt). That must have been some night!
One of my favourite kittens went to a real cat lover, she sent me this picture of "Bright Eyes" using her as a spring board.

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