Saturday, April 22, 2006

The Scratching Post

There's so much I want to write about the trails, my anxiety riding alone etc...But instead, I will focus on two things, 1) while blasting the dirt off my bike the other day, I flipped it over and scrubbed the "underbelly" of my bike with a brush tool and I could swear I heard the bike *giggle* - this may be my first warning sign that I'm spending too much time on my bike ;-) ...2) I've solved my no partner ride dilemna and went riding with a couple of new faces last Thursday and have several other contacts on the go.

Work is shaping up nicer than I could have ever hoped for. Seven opportunities surfaced immediately. As things become more contrete, I will write about them.

I have officially joined a weekly training program for the marathon. Last race my time was 54minutes, which meant I qualified for the full marathon (only by 6 minutes). I won't be able to make it to every training session due to parental obligations, but I'll get the lion's share. The meeting at the RCMP head quarters the other night was a super informative session with two very accomplished athletes. Posh meeting room too.

By the by, went for drinks with a friend after the meeting... We had an wonderful waiter, who I threatened to take home who called me "Dollie". Too bloody cute.

It's HOCKEY GAME in the house tonight. Omar's best buddy knows more about hockey than any seven year old I've EVER met. He knows standings, players, trades, past game scores, upcoming games, how the playoffs work, players goals....etc....Anyhoo, the boys are downstairs enjoying Montreal kicking Carolina's butt 4 : 1 .... I just heard "EEWWWWWWWW WHAT A SAVE BY JOSE" (Does the Story of Samson apply here?) followed by "FIGHT! FIGHT!" then "YEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAA MONTREAL SCORED!!!!!" LOL too cute, time to replenish the fruit punch.

The Jeeper's celebrated Precious' birthday today. Omar and I had a great visit, he told his buddy about this bubble eating baby in belly laughs. That, along with the toxic bomb she let off in the containment area are high up there along with that giant floating flamingo (LOL) of fond memories. The Toronto gang and I had a lively discussion about trail use & protection and I *hope* as my buddy "Dave the Jew" says, concentric circles move mountains. I took away from it, the desire to use political power to our advantage.

Tell me this isn't thee most adorable picture you've ever seen?

Here she is:

Habs took it 6 : 1 !!!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

I Want One!!!

Gimme, gimme, gimme ma waaaabit!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Posteus Erecteus

News Trailers:

My brother and his daughter are off on a cruise together. The benefits to an eleven year old girl as a result of a wedding fallout. ;-)There was a slight issue with tickets, as they didn’t have her listed even though he had all the documentation necessary that showed all transfers were done. No worries, daddy bought a new one and away they went. Grandma had taken her shopping, given her a manicure and pedicure before leaving.

Sens game the other night - Scotiabank Place was PACKED over 19,000 in attendance. Our seats were A - M - A - Z - I - N - G with a great Montreal fan on my right with some Panthers fans beside him, which made for an even more intense game, especially when the Sens scored with 2 seconds left in the game... Even SWEETER was that it was Alfredsson (I just had Alfie sign Omar’s poster - even got to speak to his wife, by phone only, but none the less...the lamenated poster beautiful up in his room). Omar and I were like a couple of idiots yelling our heads off...Most notable was 5,4,3,2,1

W E L O V E C H E E S E ! !

- which provoked smiles from some hip fans below us :D.

In Other News:

Last night, I drove to pick up Omar in the country (Easter Monday means NO daycare). Turns out the other property is up for sale. Mom and I had a nice visit, she is the nicest lady in the whole world - but cross her, one of her family, neglect your children or do wrong by any of us and she’ll see to it you won’t find your way back around until you’ve done your homework and have the formula to prove it. She is MOTHER hear her roar.

Omar was very enthusiastic to show me the trail of the Garder Snake he followed (seemingly everywhere). He says "I have eleven animal friends now Mom!" :-) We caught a glimpse of a Woody Woodpecker on our way to the snail hunt. I just learned it’s called a Pileated Woodpecker. Either way his hair was a mess! We brought several large snails home in a big ole mason jar, they all had attached to the glass by bed time and yes, of course we named one "Gary the Snail".

In Bike News:

Thumbs up on the MEC chain washer and seat pack. Chain washer was VERY easy to use and of course anyone who knows me knows if it’s not biodegradeable I’m gonna get a guilt ulcer, so yes the cleaner gets a thumbs up too. The seat pack with expandable zipper is awesome! Attaches and detaches with ease, roomie enough to hold fix it gear, scoobie snacks and with the expandable zipper portion, even fit my outer shell pants when I got too hot and had to peel.

Once I get that Forerunner figured out I’ll put in my 2 cents on that one too.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Safe or Not?

The Warhols and I went climbing and then for Vietnamese Saturday. Gotta love climbing with the Warhols....Early to bed.....Early to rise.....

What could be better than taking a short nap in the middle of your day? That's precisely what I did today.

There was a bear sighting today. It's true. Had his head stuffed inside a honey pot. I swear it's true!

The trails were awesome as usual. Although and here's the tricky part. Occasionally I get freaked out by riding alone. Being Easter Sunday, the trails were more populated than usual. As I rounded a corner there was some dude lurking in the trees. I was startled and was slowed down by a rather large muddy patch. He was apprehensive about where the trail would go, fair enough, I gave him the info he needed, but it still gives me a gut full of anxiety at times. Especially him, there was something creepy about him.

When I used to run the trails this paranoia would happen and finally I needed to surrender to getting some mace, stop running the trails or decide not to live in fear and if I meet my fate on the back 40, so be it, atleast I was enjoying life. I know how that sounds, but it's like people who smoke (not me :-D), or overeat, or let themselves stress. OK, I know I'm justifying it, but in all likelyhood, I'm probably more at risk driving to work.

I say that, but while checking the bird feeder spot today, the air, the view, the sun....ohh...soo...goood... I took a rest. It wasn't long before two other bikers road past me....that's around the time I heard myself say..."I need a gun".

It's all good. I won't stop riding alone and yes, I will actively search for a partner when I can. So hold back the lecture! Besides, I ride too often to always have a partner. I know what it was, it was that dude in the trees...He reminded me of someone...Most likely the person I'd have liked to use the gun on.

Sweet Dreams!