Friday, February 16, 2007

Carpe Dum Dum

When it’s –29 with the wind chill factor and I feel like if I don’t do something physically active VERY shortly, I may just tear the head off something … wait a minute, does the GIGANTIC whitehead that finally made it’s appearance this morning count?

The part of my job I LOATH is being away from home. The single parent kid shuffle makes my skin crawl (and get GIANT zits apparently). Naturally three of the previous work related travel/away experiences, Omar lost a tooth on 2/3 of them AND came in first for his Cub Kit Kar race, something else I missed chalked up there with Halloween….SIGH.

I’m feeling immense amounts of pressure to perform at work; however, I don’t feel like I have a moment to myself, nor do I feel I’ve taken a sufficient amount of time to organize lately. In addition, I haven’t gone skiing, jogging, done yoga or any decent skating. The weather is a big factor in that, but so has my job. I feel like I'm headed in every direction without any soul gratifying moments. Hmm....OK, something to change immediately.

The highlights of the past several weeks has been two tiered, since I've missed any real connection with my child, home or pets, it's my romantic life = a BIG breathy sigh reveals the fragrant aroma of the dozen red roses that were delivered to my office and now sit behind me (glancing over my shoulder I notice the OTHER "for no reason" flowers that sit off further on the kitchen counter)…The second tier of happy-happy goodness: We completed with tireless dedication a beautiful backyard rink on schedule for my son’s 8th Birthday.

Did I mention how much I abhor work travel? No, noooo, don’t feel bad for me, just keep in mind when an agenda that looks like this past four days did and they have me scheduled from 8am till 1am and the agenda spans a four day period I have a MOUNTAIN of unanswered and unread work and personal e-mail to attend to, not to mention a neglected territory. See how wonderful it is? I can't blame work solely. The spin off from Christmas, taxes, birthdays, dating too have given me a bag of happy complaints to dig into.

I’m taking a day to recoup, reorganize and go for a frickin walk before I get all pissy about it. ;)

My next mission after seeing the light of day??? Reading blogs!!!

I miss you my fellow bloggers.

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