Friday, September 22, 2006


Me speakin zee dooich vith Omar zis mernin. Mama vanted to see da ealthy fude eatten frume hiz loonch er I'd be stringin heem up by heez two nails. Zis was da tret.

Don't ask.

You know, rites of passage or coming of age celebrations in different cultures is very interesting. It's true. Last night as I was putting the wee lad to bed I was explaining how in some communities trees are bent symbolizing birth and the boy on his way to big boydom passes through. In other societies the passage is marked by physically scarring the man/boy. Omar passed gas this morning while getting ready, that was impressive. :-/ Either way, we'll see if my guidance (aka "interference") aids in keeping him out of the "Trouble Bubble" (aka "detention")today.
My bike, he calls to me...
Other things rolling around in my bucket.... asking the BF if he wants to go go-karting Saturday night, The Jeepers heart and crown health issues, Who's Bloody Birthday IS IT anyway?, Canada's (aka Just Jump In) hubby stalling on my neckar's sewing point negotiation e-mail, who can really consume 8 glasses of water daily?, 15 reasons why I haven't learned to Zen my way through mowing the lawn, "Man Slave, Man Slave, Man Slave, oh, where art thou my Man Slave?", the complexities of dating/children and holidays...annnnnd on THAT note, it's time to kick it ON MY BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIKE!!!!!!!!! And how! I have a 3:45 manicure with Parifin treatment - eww la-la, only after dog poo pick up, dog wash, lawn mow, laundry fold, fresh linens on all beds and err umm am I forgetting anything??? Oh yes, the furnace filter return (got wrong size), , windows, closets...thank goodness there's no snow to shovel!
On the bright side, I have a good book to read : IRISH GIRLS ABOUT TOWN and the ladies at my son's daycare asked me if I'd like to be a substitute for them! :)
In other news....


Thursday, September 21, 2006

Flab-a-lange Be Gone

"Me and My Gang" 2006

I simply can't take it.

The "ponch" must go.

Consider this DAY ONE in gut removal. I know what I need to do. Having a brother who has competed and trains doesn't leave me with any excused accept apathy. Having yet another personal trainer in the family, again can only be a source of motivation. Frankly after playing on the water this summer with someone with cans like hers was a little...unsettling to say the least! LOL!!!

So, like I said, I know what I need to do. Now it's just a matter of doing it.

Some of my friends may scoff at my newly claimed inch to pinch. Me, I no like it and care NOT to hear otherwise. It's about being fit and being strong. While my heart and lungs feel bullet proof, my mid section feels...Well, dough boyish. The above photo was taken before Easter and you can see my little Buddha belly poking through.

Allow me to dedicate the 21st to posting results day! I'm no schlep when it comes to maintaining a physical lifestyle. I have been a schlep when it comes to isometrics and weight training though...Goals? Yeah, I wanna play hockey next year, I wanna continue to be strong on my bike and feel good in my skin.

Did I mention that I'm no longer UN-employed?

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

"What's Up?" You say...Well.

Spent the day on my bike yesterday. Simply devine.

While wasting time on the computer, I look out the window to see my cat with what appears to be a rather large chipmunk in her mouth. Turns out it was a baby bunny. This explains why I must not run out of her favourite food. Moving rather swiftly...."CAT!!!" I yell from the porch, then more angrily "CAT!" She's hunched over her full meal deal eyeing me. The tiny bunny lets out a squeek.

Managing to get the cat to drop the bunny is one thing, getting her in the house is another. It went down something like this: Cat drops the bunny - good cat, drop the bunny, now step away from the bunny. Dog shows up on scene - thought my backup would never arrive. Shift in energy, cat has moved from HUNTER stance into housecat role. I pick her up and toss her inside. She's eating now. Thankfully I didn't need to throw my running shoe at her, although I was completely prepared to do so.

The wee bunny had taken refuge close to my house in the hostas - good broad leaf protection. I just hope he/she finds his/her way home.


I need to go back to work - this is too stressful!