Saturday, April 21, 2007

I Can Tell That We Are Gonna Be Friends....

I'm not Catholic, so I've never fully grasped the 'stand up sit down fight-fight-fight' of the Catholic religion. However, I did think it was important for Omar to get a firm foundation of religion and Catholic school wasn't quite the stretch out of the norm as sending him to a Jewish school would be for me.

Tonight was a special night for Omar, he has been looking forward to his First Communion & Confirmation. We had an entire pew reserved for family and friends. Thankfully my mom and dad were there, otherwise it would have been pretty empty. I had invited three other friends who unfortunately didn't make it and Omar's dad was at work.

After being anointed with sacred oil on his forehead and given the body of Christ (I took one of the Jesus potato chips too, they stick to the roof of your mouth, sadly no wine to wash it down). When we sat back down, I apologized to my mom and dad for not bringing back enough for everyone and looked to see if the oil on Omar's head was still there.

Omar: *visibly dumbfounded* They put oil on my head?

Me: Yeah! *whispering* I can see it.

Omar: *Napoleon Dynamite sigh of exasperation*

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Gonna Make You Sweat Gonna Make You Groove


Not sure if anyone else saw what I saw while watching tonight's game, but I was lucky enough to find this photo: