Saturday, April 15, 2006

When Everything Seems All Wrong...

This picture makes everything all right.

Hellmud Head - The Best Hat of ALL!

Too close for comfort, I rode past the biggest baddest porcupine. Second one I've seen this season. The other was high up in a tree, easy to spot cause all the leaves have fallen.

Played follow the leader with a handsome woodpecker who would only let me within 10' before leading me further down the trail.

And finally on the way home a beautiful cardinal flew in to say hello. I thought of Ginnie's mom. :-) Someday I'll share pics of Ginnie and I skydiving.

No bear sightings.... Yet.

OK, the sweat has dried. Time for a shower.

Sweet and Sour Friday

I’d swear if I didn’t know better, I’d say that my cat was meditating. She has PERFECTED the “SPHYNX”. This new posture suits her well.

One of my favourite pics, here she is enjoying fish flavoured water - I ask you, if you're a cat, what could taste better? It was a good year ;-p.

It’s time for more incense and a trip downtown to THE MARKET where I’ll snag a mango smoothie and then cross the road into the Indonesian store that I adore so much. This trip solely revolves around the purchase of NAG CHAMPA. Seven empty boxes (yes, I counted) are scattered throughout my panty drawer…I found those along with a letter entitled “I'M DEAD! HERE'S MY WILL! :-) (yes, with a smiley face)”… My mother insisted I write something down before I went rock climbing in J Tree.

No wonder. This was the first climb my friend, my lover (of life and all things good :D) Dum-dum Anum took me on during our second New Years trip:

It’s called HEADSTONE….It didn’t even OCCUR to me (until I got back to Canada) that the rock name could have been referring to a headstone as in DEATH. Me and my Bikini Bottom Mentality, Spongebob/Patrick attitude of life thought “ugh, oh that’s funny a rock shaped like a big head” and then I climbed it with GLEE!!! Which would explain the very relaxed and happy expression I have in that pic...If I only had a brain...err...I mean scanner.

My friends ARE a most important part in my life. As my house burns my final stick of Nag Champa my thoughts are of Anum. He deserves an entire page to himself - for another day, here he is (it's not the one I'd like to post, but it's the one I need to post):

OK…I have a bike to ride.

BTW: Canada, yes...I do sense a relapse, entire body numb, emergency accupuncture treatment required.

HIGHLIGHTS OF "God Friday" include seeing an angelic Corwin in prayer on my right and a possessed Omar on my left. I think the music effected them ... differently. Have you ever seen anything more hilarious!!!!

After the fiasco of my chocolate falling in your peanut butter, a serendipidous event of tailgating you and your husband...The tossing of the several rather LARGE stumps, driftwood and other tree sections (one chucked from the bridge and each side - many smiles from people all around us) over the falls at Hog's Back rates a close second. Great way to spend the day!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Is This The Right Room for an Argument?


I have enjoyed Math most of my life. Elementary school triggered a spark of an "AHA!!!" moment when I was the first in my class to “Get” long division. My teacher asked me to help out the other students. A little later on, High School offered more complicated formulas. I found myself wanting to just write the answer, I was required to include my process. Harmph! Over time I guess I learned that showing the process is the proof that you actually understand the Math. …. I understood it well enough to be recognized with an award for honours and granted a monetary scholarship at graduation. Something, normally I don't like to mention.

Demons Almighty

Control, Addiction, co-dependency, feelings, behaviour, the recycling hydraulic of something evil this way comes … Life can be pleasurable, it can be disturbing... Last night after the dust of the day settled, I went to battle and I wept, won some and lost some. Today I look forward to enjoying the start of a four day weekend. More plans of removing more clutter, painting, gardening all the busy little things in life to do that bring enjoyment after your heart has been weighed, finely sliced, massaged, dipped in holy water, pureed, gelled, held, cherished, perished, packed away, buried, planted, watered and warmed.

After you kick your “habit”, after you’ve kicked it, whipped it’s ass Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon - KILL BILL style, Buffy, whatever your pleasure, you do it again and keep doing it as often as you need to, until the behaviour is as automatic as an inner ninja cow :-) So, what comes next? I suspect you’ll know what to do. Moo. :-) and smile like Mona Lisa on the inside, what comes out are devine rays of goodness that only God can manufacture. Or if you’re a cow, it could just be shit, but even manure has it’s place. ;-)

Room for Accupuncture

My extreme good fortune to be “recalibrated” inside out with him. In my corner of “those that heal”, his wisdom, his knowledge, his experience of the inner workings and mapwork of the spirit, the soul is all encompassing all good. When you can allow yourself to let everything go. ... Down to your final grain of sand and the person across from you can hold it, when they know exactly what to say… and show you with their energy alone that you only felt like a grain of sand and that you are heard. Forever when I look at the stars dotted across the sky, so shiny, so brilliant and so bright, so far away, I hope to be warmly reminded of billions of people who have felt the very same way. You are not alone.

Tomorrow we are focusing on my celebration of success, of demons, of habits that no longer serve me ~ kicked to the curb. While I am literally pinned down to let it all go to work. (This is what you do with an inner child with ADD. LOL! No where to run, no where left to hide)

Thank you Dr. R for the garden, for the water, for the air, for the space, for having me to own it, for being a beautiful man, for telling me to breath IT in, for holding my hand, for showing me the way, for the board and the date, for leaving one in ;-), for filling me up with all that is good, for being so courageous to go there with me. Thank you for looking deep into eyes that are brimming with tears, for drawing near a part of me that was staying hidden in the dark.

Thank you for hearing that I’m tired. Congratulations and thank you, a MIRACLE.

When you’re ready, you never know who those people in your life will be.

In honour of my late and dear friend Leah, a story about “cows”:

The only tyrant I will accept in this world is the still small voice within me. –Ghandi

From my Aunt Helen:

When you are in Deep , say nothing, and try to look like you know what you're doing….


I think I'm gonna turf the dining room set and put the computer downstairs, bookcase to the basement and make the loft into a YOGA room. I'd LOVE to put some holds on this wall here....Ahh to dream...Gotta get movin' GAME NIGHT!!!!!!!! GO SENS GO!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Mother do you think they'll drop the bomb

Where my wild things go...

Passionate. I begin thinking about my bike at work …I decide to skip lunch so I can leave an hour early…Once home, the fatigue of a day hits me like a wet blanket weighing down on me … A little voice calls out, it’s going to rainnn … Blurred rain drops line my helmet like dangling diamonds, my helmet becomes my crown and suddenly I own the forest! … My bike becomes my transporter taking me wherever I want to go, it becomes my companion, I love it so . . . . .

Which reminds me…


Wrapped in delicate florid enamel

Heeds a reflection that is my paragon

To foreordain in a luxuriant stream

Paired with a halcyon seraph to poise me

To rejoice in a wilderness of sweets

Whilst our hearts reside perennial bliss

My verse swings high to the heavens

An echo of grace bends my ear

Which reminds me…



Judas! *high fives* DuUuude!!

Jude-o-rama, The Judinator!

Which reminds me…

I took out my new toy tonight.

Garmin Forerunner 301.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


I'm a little pressed for time here. So I'll make this brief.

1. Had a deep thought - it was something very deep and very profound, I think I'm far more interesting because of it and yet still, one day closer to death
2. Since Sunday I've seen two bunnies, a beetle, a frog, two deer, two malard ducks, a Canadian Goose (up REAL close) and a snake
3. Three job proposals have come a knockin' all from friends from the industry - AMAZING how outstanding these people have been to me!
4. I have grown a "flabalange". However small it may be, it exists.
5. Bike. Trails. Son. Good. Man. Goose. Bread. Rack. Scratch. $.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Boo's Toos

It's a rare gift in life to have a friend since birth. One of my very Best Friends.

}i{ Bootiful Boo }i{


Sunday, April 09, 2006

Are You Gonna Go My Way

Omar slept till noon! We did speed cleaning, he swept and mopped, did toilets while I did dishes and vacuumed. Packed, snacked, clipped in and we were on tour. The trails are awesome! A perfect day for a ride. Hung out for a spell along the trail in a dry opening for lunch and hung a bird feeder we made. We stopped frequently to let little legs rest and snack on the way in and out. For no apparent reason this child breaks into song "These Boots Were Made For Walkin'..." ??? Note worthy; he entertained a game of speeder bikes and agreed to be Luc for me ;-).

Once home we went our separate ways to recharge before supper.

Those who know "sporty me", know of my "gear head" ways. The sexy cam. The new sling. The Garmin Forerunner 301...Ho-ho-ho, without further adieu, here's some new goodies that we cracked open today:

I haven't tried the chain cleaner yet and of course my power gel is chocolate (duh). The MEC Wedgie XPD Cycling Seat Bag still needs a test run, but like the expandable zipper. The ankle gashes from last summer have just about completely vanished, only faint scars remain. This year I'll be ready, this small First Aid kit contains:

Gear Notes: Adventure Medical UltraLight .3 First Aid Kit

Weight: 640.0 grams

This light and compact first aid package has the basic supplies one person might need on a one-day outing. All contents are stored neatly in a tough, 1.3oz, ripstop coated nylon bag.
· Silicone coated ripstop nylon pouch.
· 5 x 5cm sterile dressings (4).
· Large knuckle butterfly bandages (3).
· 6.5 x 5cm moleskin (1).
· Small butterfly closures (2).
· 2.5 x 7.5cm adhesive bandages (5).
· Antiseptic towelettes (3).
· Safety pins (2).
· 1.5cm x 10m roll of adhesive tape.
· After Bite® sting relief (2).
· Dimensions are 25 x 12 x 10cm.

Somekind of Saturday!

AM - Visit Jim, he meets Omar for the first time. Omar likes Jim's house (who wouldn't? This was taken last year, snow's all gone there now) it's spectacular inside and out. He just returned from a hike/paragliding job in BC. We discussed "the circuit" as Jim knows many celebs in it. Aron Ralston is doing alright; lost an arm, made a million.

NOON - Meet up with the Gick family and headed to Fulton's Wonderful afternoon!! This family is so easy to travel with. Mrs. Gick just booked her trip to Rome and wants me to go to Peru with her next...Something to think about.

PM - Evening "Frog Watch" Walk. Little Ray lead us on a walk of the forests and swamps surrounding the zoo. Boo's neice works for Ray so she gave Lil' Grunt and I an escort in. We were there to check out several different species of salamanders, toads and frogs as they begin to "pop" out for the spring.

LATE PM - Skunked on our outting with Ray, The GANG (thank friggin God I have these people as my friends, they are, without a doubt the funnest people going - ALWAYS up for an adventure - not to mention that "T" cooks like a madman and just inherited the biggest fatest Q known to mankind)...Anyhoo, we did a local trail, it was SURREAL. The moonlight, the stars, I felt as thought I'd walked out of a scene from "BIG FISH". "A" was screaming like an idiot. We saw a leech and heard the spring peepers, but the adventure itself was what it was all about.

LATE LATE PM - Little grunt and I have been engaging in game of Spongebob Square Pants MONOPOLY. The little tycoon already owns most prime real estate and shrewdly negotiated several bank loans which have all been paid back.

I managed to sink my teeth into a single transit property before he scooped them all up.

Currently he has ownership of:
  • Krusty Krab
  • Sandy's Treedome
  • Mermalair
  • Mrs. Puff's Boating School
  • Grandma's House
  • Bikini Bottom Hospital
  • Tough Tavern
  • Salty Spitoon
  • Barg'n Mart
  • Weenie Hut Jr.
  • Chum Bucket
  • Bikini Bottom Bike Tours
  • Mrs. Puff's Training Boat
  • Anchovie's Bus
  • $26 Dollars

In my possession are the following:

  • Spongebob's Pineapple
  • Squidward's Island Head House
  • Mr. Krabs' Anchor House**
  • Oyster Stadium*
  • Snailpo World Headquarters*
  • Palace Of Pranks
  • Tentacle Acres
  • Snack Bar
  • Patrick's Rock
  • Plankton's Lab
  • Monster Truck Rentals
  • Bikini Bottom Electric
  • Bikini Bottom Water
  • Get Out of Jail FREE

* = Properties with Pineapple(s)

@ = Properties with Krusty Krab