Saturday, August 19, 2006

Thank Goodness There's Tennis!

I know, I know, no updates!

Welcome to "Single Mom with a Kid, On Vacation, On The Road".

Now, I'm back and after being raked, shaked and baked. Well, for fear of sounding like a fourteen year old girl, but, like, Canada's Wonderland ROCKS!! We got to ride Dragon Fire four times in a row. It was the vacation of all vacations with enough wonderful memories to last well - built to last :).

Now? Home and well, waiting for a certain boy to call. Ah. To be fourteen again! ;) I'm getting ready for back to school, I'm sorting closets and tossing crap out left right and centre. Cooking and, folding - ah, the glory of house cleaning.

I'll bust if I don't write about visiting with my father's side of the family. I've never felt a more loving family. I'm holding back from gushing. Let's just say, as in Omar's words "Toronto Is Good". Funny, neither of us thought it was a good place to live - we agree that the country is better!

I wish I could write more, but well, tennis is on - Kudos to Martina, I'm not sure about her reaction to Celine Dion's public address and backstage invitation...Montreal! What a woman. I miss playing tennis. I used to watch my mom and her friends play. There is something so satisfying about hitting a ball. Really wide open wacking it. >:-)

OK, I'm hungry - gotta eat!

Did I mention how good Wonderland Is? I forgot how much I liked rides! I could care less to ride the Great Canadian Body Buster for the THIRD time. I think the smoother, newer ones are more my style.

Dino Z. My first teenage crush. We snuck into Tron together. He was beautiful all around. We rode skydiver together. He was wonderful to admire, I knew he'd come around from time to time ~ he was one of my brother's friends and we were free and young, happy and carefree. After he died suddenly in a car accident a couple of years later, I was swiftly embraced by the stern grip of reality and mortality. I grieved with the Beatles, and wrote out the lyrics to songs like My Life and posted them in my locker as a tribute to my love for him. From moments like that, those shaping moments my locker became a sort of shrine of living. I focused on things that to me seemed to appreciate and celebrate life. The locker held a calendar, calendars to this day that I have kept, pages in which my closest friend and I would share the intimate details of our lives in, special dates and what we were looking forward to the most.

High school. What a time! ;-)



that's it.

I miss hockey . . . .