Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The Shame Triangle

OUCH!! ouch ouch ahwWWwwich.

Thank goodness for Carnation instant breakfast.

Everybody's having more fun than me.

zamphir panflutemaster(crse) is embracing the lighter side of death.

Kapgar threw a party for his wife's 30th.

Realm of the Lone Grey Squirrel is well, just look and read, the pictures speak for themselves.

Speaking of pictures frickin Daaaaave (aka my blog crush) at
Blogography has a National Geofrickingraphic spread over on his blog.

Canada is celebrating her ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of blogging.

Diane is sporting a new love life that has encaptured her.

Billy is leaving?!?! (is that even allowed?!?)

Jen is has started a revival movement and has just got braces.

Avi has been illustrating.

and what have I got to show or share?

Strep throat.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Me Time

Grinding away here at home today with two GIGANTIC swollen tonsils. I was going to post a seached internet picture of what they look like, but after viewing a series of the most vial photos of unexplainable tonsil destruction I have deemed myself a pussy. I must be one of those hyper-sensitive people who can't tolerate light or sound or something, cuz anyone who could live to talk about letting their sore throat get to those levels, must have some mutant pain nerve blocking abilities. I simply don't even have what it takes to post the pictures. Yeah, so, perhaps I'm a big diaper wearing baby. Maybe I am afraid to even eat the soup that's in the microwave right now. So what?! What if I am?

So there.