Wednesday, August 02, 2006

You’re getting on my Vagus nerve.

ME: Waiter, there is a fly in my soup.
Waiter: Did you order a fly?
ME: I didn’t know flies were an option. Besides, who would want a fly in their soup? Aren’t flies carriers of disease and all sorts of nasty things?
Waiter: Madame, do I look like a walking encyclopedia? Tomayto, tomahto, potayto, potahto. Consider the fly on the house. (Walks away)
ME: (to myself) But I don’t want a fly in my soup.

So. What’s a girl to do? Does she remove the fly and stomach the soup? Does she live on the edge and try something new? Does she hunt down the waiter and demand a new soup, perhaps "looger surprise" is tasty? OR does she go home and make her own soup - fly free? Maybe she makes a four-course dinner...who knows? ;-)

Funny things overheard:

Ladies, please take a pink lanyard if you are a survivor or a blue one if you are not. SkydiVa and I grab our blue lanyard and head into a large tent filled with women waiting to register. I scan the line for pink lanyards then look down and give a smile to Omar, he looks...Uncomfortable. Hm. Is it all the pink, boys don't always like pink? Maybe this is boring for him? After a short while, his very serious look, I learn is quite unshakeable. Then, out of the blue:

“Mom”, eyes steadfast and half mast.
“Why aren’t you going to survive?”
“What do you mean?”
“You’re wearing blue, the women wearing pink are survivors, why aren’t you going to survive?”

Thank goodness he spoke up! I explain how the women wearing pink had had breast cancer and survied it and how the rest of us have never had breast cancer, nor do we ever want to have breast cancer and this is why we were here - to support the women in pink and work towards finding a cure or prevention/early detection so that we never GET breast cancer.

Well, as I've also recently overheard ~ I’m so hungry, I could eat the ass out of a horse and I forgot my breakfast at home :-(, gone to make good!