Friday, December 08, 2006

Parent-teacher interviews were a breeze. Teach says Omar needs to focus, I TOTALLY agree – FOCUS is certainly an issue. She said with more FOCUS he could do even better. So, yes, we’ll FOCUS on the FOCUS…..I asked her to toss out a nugget of a couple of things he’s doing exceptionally that I could share with him before asking him to FOCUS on FOCUSING….She said he is one of the KINDEST KIDS in class and that his participation has been fantastic. I’ve decided I’ll keep him.

He’s dropped wanting a PS3 from his wish list and has opted for the XBox 360. If there’s a kid on earth who deserves it – it’s Omar. He’s been absolutely frickin wonderful. I mean, all kids are good right, but he’s been above and beyond the call of good. Helpful, funny, talkative, chore doing, homework doing, pleasant, just generally perfect. Yeah, he’s been complaining about daycare being boring, but that’s what you get sometimes. We can remedy that with a series of ass pinching monkey bites. He in hysterics right now awaiting his

B E A T I N G !!!!

I picked the dog up from the groomer – he looks pathetic. All he needs is a pair of antlers strap him to a sleigh and he’s the Grinch dog.

I’ve barely had enough time to wipe my ass lately. … It’s an expression. Get it? AN EXPRESSI…Oh nevermind.

OK, off to get ready – entertaining some of my girlfriends tonight. I’ve got the wine, the lasagna, the salad, the shrimp, the cheese, the dip, the bread, oysters,…Good God what else? The THEME! Thankfully there’s wine. LOL…This should be funny – we’re pressing out goals for 2007. I have no frickin clue what their goals will be…I know one of them…Canada’s and it’s coming true on WEDNESDAY!!! Fa-la-la-laaaaaaa!!! Wooo hoo….Good time to break it to ya girlfriend – I fly out to Niagara Monday morning, so no additional performance anxiety. TOTALLY bummed I’ll miss your performance though….1hr to eta guests GOTTA FLY!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Grandma Sez

My Grandma always taught me not to boast about the good things I do on Earth. She said that those good deeds wait for us like treasures in Heaven. But, if we brag about them on Earth, then we remove those treasures from Heaven.

So, all I will say is that it has been proven, time and time again that the very best remedy to clearing sorrows IS to do a kind deed for someone else.

Repeat as necessary.


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