Friday, September 29, 2006

What I Can Do In A Day....In A Year...

I got excited this morning to look at my computer time only to realize that it had "fallen back" a month early. So much for that extra hour of time...

What else do you do when you're home without a J.O.B.?

You clean and organize, that's what you do. At least that's what I've been doing. Yesterday all was threatened with the feelings creeping in of a cold, I've doubled up on sleep and the usual preventative pills in hopes of slaying it back into submission. RETREAT VIRUS RETREAT! I admit I'm not 100% today, but better than yesterday.

Yes, I may be a geek through and through, but that doesn't stop me from looking damn hot.

The basement's been recreated and Omar now has his very own entertainment room. Canada, that big honking TV you passed my way is getting put to good use. The garage has been GUTTED, swept and reorganized for winter (I like to get my car in there, cuz when it comes to snow removal I am your typical female). Skis, skates are sharp, hockey equipment is already in use and next year's is ready to go.

Front hall closet has all the summer removed, winter mitts, boots, jackets ready to go. All toys (with the exception of LEGO) have been exterminated from the main level. Every scrap of Artwork has been put off into the basement dresser for later sorting (why is it that every single scrap of paper my child waves a crayon over instantaneously becomes a masterpiece?...hmmm....).

Omar's clothes have all been sorted and small stuff given away, delivered, done.

What I'm avoiding? Oh, yes, the TO DO list:

Sewing (machine & hand)

- material over chair
- curtain for storage area (heavy canvas ready to receive paint - back drop look or other?)
- mend brown shirt & pants (because I haven't learnt to dress myself properly yet)
- mend pillow for games room

Other Stuff

- wall unit from loft to basement (that means box all the books and cds first)
- sort CDs
- get help to put sliding doors back on
- sort toys (get mom to help on Tues)
- empty those skank bottles and fill with non-perishables

Filing Cabinet

- cut labels for drawer 2
- sort drawer 1 & 4
- find tax stuff (refund pending!!! $$$)
- create hanging folders for all those manuals

Laundry Room (yikes!)

- organize, sift through, throw out and organize the laundry room workshop area
- set up stained glass area completely (basic - glass storage, tools, supplies)
- give away unnecessary appliances


- Give my closet a final once over, bag unwanted clothes for the CDA pick up in Oct
- pants, try on the ones I've already sorted and set aside
- get rid of that damn Unwedding brides maid dress *CALL SHOP TODAY* ...grumble...grumble....what a waste of $$...stoopid brother...
- chuck any shoes in that CDA bag
note: the tossing of shoes is a therapeutic task for me, tossing old shoes creates a new lease on purchasing mores shoes. This season I counted over twenty pairs of flip-flop silver, sparkly, beaded, healed, spongy, sexy, shoey goodness. Currently I am Jimmy Chooing myself into a new pair of boots. My last "gift" to myself was a sexy little number, a pair of black Italian "Fabericato A Mano In Italia" (handmade in Italy?) leather these boots are made for walkin' bitchin' zippem up, good to go, these are MY sports car gentlemen. Just wait till I get my new job. And BTW, Boo, those so-so sexy little brown jobbies that crammed you feet - I ADORE THEM, yes, the thank you's will continue to stream on in. I'm wondering if you got at chance to wear that killer black business suit that was still tagged...I hear a lunch-date conversation!

I digress. *kerm* yes, boots.

- hit the sports store where I have credit and get some Merrels...ohhh hhoo hooo, so many Merrels, so little time....
- use the coupon from the Weekend to End Breast Cancer for new sneakers before Nov 30
- hit up for those Choo-ee brown bad boys I have my eye on

Hmmm..What else??? Furnace is done, air conditioner covered, pool put away, front siding cleaned...OH! Yes...

Yard Work

- brown bag all plants (wait for dryer, warmer day)
- trim hedges

WINDOWS! Use squeegee (in trunk)


- check out door lights (waiting for checking in garage see laundry bin - good while watching TV thing to do)
- string over hedges in preparation for rink


- Costume? Get Omar thinking.
- Haunted Garage? Egg shells, noodles, music, grapes, witches hair, dry ice 2006 / 2007? Depending.

The kitchen is good enough, I did the Tupperware and long cupboard, all appliances are done. Spare bathroom is done until I'm ready to paint it.

Oh, my. Pictures.

Pictures & Mounting and other neglected "to do's"

- frame what I want for bedroom
- decide what to do with all framed pics in guest room
- continue with idea for games room "Friends Wall"

Plan Thanksgiving festivities and Christmas!!!! It's been a while since I've had a gathering at my place.

Good enough list for now, I'll be back to add and scratch.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

The Sky Is Falling

Somewhere deep, deep, deep in the deep-deep distant way offs of way offville, twisting and turning, electronic communication, isolated desperation... Ah *hoy*! I lost and entire blog entry. Grrr!!! Several days ago now....

I recall I mentioned my thoughts on reading Dr. Phil's wife's book. Thoughts that have since evaporated....

Nevertheless, more important news .... ... ... ...

I suspect that I haven't been able to actually have a clear thought, complete from one end to the next now for seemingly days, or possible years. Do you think I have ADD? I think I might have ADD. In fact, I think that ADD might actually be a "condition" concocted by adults with poor temperament.

T h i n k a b o u t i t.

Some of you may have already seen this picture:

Some say love, other say...odd twisted love.

I say humorous.

Others say "unemployed too long".

You be the judge, eh?

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Licorice Stores

Omar: Mom, why are there so many licorice stores?

Me: Uh? Licorice stores?

Omar: Yeah, you know, licorice stores?

Me: *scanning the strip mall - assume he means the Bulk Barn, still confused why he's calling it the licorice store, we don't consume a lot of licorice*

Omar: You know, where people buy beer and wine.