Saturday, April 29, 2006

Will Lightening Stike the Same Place Twice?

Not likely. Any by Lightening I mean Tampa Bay. NHL fever is at it's highest - all week on game nights children line the streets of my neighbourhood - even as I type this three young Sens fans are situated across from my house waving GO SENS GO!!! signs, cars honking, fans cheering...All while I consume a bowl of Pho that IS bigger than my head.

Earlier this week when Redden missed a game after his mom's death to cancer, he was back in the following game and played with heart. I made sure to buy Omar a gold medallion with Wade's picture on it. I explained how Wade got right back out on the ice and had an amazing game. Omar "got it".

I'm going out to party tonight (Imagine THAT!?!) after all, it is HOCKEY night in CANADA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Did I mention Phase One of the Loft turns Yoga / Zen room is complete...As I type this from the family room on the main level. Ahhh yes. There's still a way to go, but tomorrow's another day. :-)

GO SENS GO!!!!!!!!!

White Sugar

Life is weird sometimes
And even at thirty-six years old
I find myself needing to give myself permission
To unfold and create my life EXACTLY the way I want

Annnnd then in other scenarios,
Our bodies choose for us.
It could be a pancreas that just doesn’t produce insulin
It could be emotional pains that go unmet and instead
A person self medicates with alcohol until their liver quits (or wife quits)
Just goes to show how important it is to
To what it is you body really really wants and really really needs
There’s no denying it

You need to by your own "Good Parent"

I’m a HUGE environmentalist
PLANES bug my ass
TRAVELING pisses me off
Yes, even though I’ve been from Texas, to Jamaiica, Hawaii to Paris, BC to Newfoundland, California to Florida and everywhere inbetween twice,
PEOPLE irritate the hell out of me with our tree cutting, water polluting, air wrecking, ozone depleating ways
Basically anything that lends itself to the contribution to earth unfriendliness
Yet, at the same time I participate!
It’s a vicious cycle
I find myself LOATHING myself for merely being HUMAN at times

It seems that we're never settled, never content, it's never big enough, fast enough,
new enough, clean enough, shiney enough, or comes with enough $$$$$$
(Thar be the Bono in me)
Boo is right when she e-mailed me, that Mourning Dove was here before me!
But WTF, I’m not leaving (not yet anyway)!!

So how the hell do we live in a planet that we DESTROY every day?
It’s just a quirkiness about me, I can’t deny it, it just IS
Every time they cut down more of the forest here where I live
It makes me TENSE.
Maybe because I’m an earth sign?
Maybe because I care.

About our bodies, I’m hypoglycemic
I self diagnosed myself years ago
After acknowledging it wasn’t normal to find my hands were shaking
After a six hour blood glucose tolerance test
Results prove I am indeed in this way
So last night while reading this blog
I am jonesin’ for a pop tart
Normally I don’t buy that crap, I can’t it wreaks me
BUT occasionally I feel guilty for Omar missing out of tasting
The CLASSICS, so I cave and buy ONE of something, just so he can experience it
So last night I eat the frickin Pop Tart
It tastes like “blech!” (Picture Snoopy’s BLEACH!!!)
It tastes like NOT REAL
It tastes like chemical, not like fruit
Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeech…It’s been a decade since I’ve opted for the “healthy choice”
The whole wheat, the millet, the tofu burger, the complex carb

This morning I wake up
In a sugary jitter
Habitually early
And missing my whole grain goodness
My wheaties
My REAL food
With the urgency of missing your significant other after a week
Of Wife Swap.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Peach Luck

After my 3hr skate and a nice visit with my friend and mechanic Matt I toodle off for my acupuncture appointment. I know that Dr. R has been in Seattle for a course on FACE READING.

How interesting hmm?

Apparently you can tell a lot about a person by their features. A thin nose means that the person doesn’t pull their own weight, the curve of their eye brows, the fullness of their lower lip vs their upper lip, how much white shows around their cornea etc etc.

His training was even more intense that this. So, as he came FACE TO FACE with me and delicately felt up my ears testing them for softness/rigidity and studied the intricacies of how they taper drawing accurate estimates about "starving" re: eating habits as a very young child. Which holds truth, I wouldn't take my mother's milk and my Grandma told my mom that I was starving.

He also noted that I was “holding onto a past love”, I couldn't deny this and I assured him I was doing my best and crying .... :-/ His only advice was “process it" followed up with "whatever that means".

He told me that I would live long and that I have a "metal face". Which later I read translates into "self indulgent" amoungst other things ~ lol.

He studied my hair line, my chin, my lips. He said that my next 15 years would be GREAT and by the time I hit forty - I'll be having a wonderful time. He noted that I often give to others before giving to myself. His eyes darted into specific areas of my face and then back out as if to compare and summarize what he was viewing. Finally he concludes sitting upright looking at me, engaging me with an expansive grin (he seemed to be enjoying himself a little too much) and informs me in a very Matter Of Fact sort of way that I have

“Peach Luck”.

Peach Luck?

What's Peach Luck?

He scarcely explains something positive and begins to stick pins in me as we discuss business.

I am left in the room contemplating our business strategies while the notion of Peach Luck nags me.

Upon re-entry and having almost fallen asleep I ask him more about my Peach Luck and WONDER just what it was he saw in my face that determines Peach Luck – because it sounds awfully good!

He describes the ability to draw good scenarios to myself, good people amongst a number of other things…"Magnetic"...When I asked him if he's been having fun "reading" people's faces all week, he said that the airport was really fun. On a side note, I was happy to hear that the "I Ching" CD I burned for him is "right up his alley" and he likes it very much.

As for my Peach Luck, well, now when I answer “Just Peachy” to the How are you today Question….I'll mean it in a whole other way.

Links to Face Reading and Peach Luck & music: *give a listen here*

When all is said and done...

What you see, IS what you get ;-)

Shuwing Battah

For the record:

Two grueling nights of training with the skating club.

3hrs of skating today while I had my winter tires removed.

One month NO SMOKING and


Invited Omar's dad for supper tonight, then sent them out to practice Baseball before we all enjoyed a Spring Fling party at Omar's school. What an awesome party!!

Lil' grunt has his VERY first practice of the season Monday night and I am VERY proud to say that his natural atheltic ability is SHINING through in this sport. That kid has a swing like I've never seen before in my life. I swear I got tears in my eyes and had to take a moment before I GUSHED all over him with praise. Now, I KNOW you're not "suppose" to play Baseball in the house, but that's someone ELSE'S house, not MINE. In MY house Baseball is perfectly acceptable and WAS until he hit the plastic hockey ball into the cast iron candelobra of lights and then into the kitchen from the front hall knocking over my coffee. (*beaming* It was SO very impressive - you should have seen his face light up and heard him giggling)....*BIG SIGH* Gawd I love being a mom.

In the garage we had this LARGE cardboard tube from IKEA (and it IS pronounced IKEE-YA not IKAA-YA) that the kids would use to walk/balance and play on....anyhoo...I sawed it at the appropriately measured height creating a T-ball stand. Upon this I put a rather LARGE child's ball (the kind that come out in spring that are really soft). This was PART 2 of our practice only after I nailed down the following with him in front of a large mirror so he could watch himself:
  • player intimidation; syking out the other team (hey, it's part of the game - eat or be eatten I say)
  • owning the field
  • addressing the plate
  • proper bat distance, hand placement, alignment etc
  • body positioning (lazer beam hips - very technical stuff ;-) amoungst many other mommy secret hints passed down by MY mother and the woman who just happens to have been MY baseball coach 8-) when I was a kid)
  • stance, knee bend, elbows, torque, follow through etc etc etc

All this with thee message of all messages "above ALL, having FUN and be a GOOD SPORT...." were covered before his first under hand pitch. Casting aside the homemade "T" stand, I send my very first pitch to the boy - who line drives it right back to me!!!!! I pitch again, he hits high and to the left. Then a grounder - this kid is HOT!!! I stop and hug him! I LOVE THIS KID!!!! We're having so much fun - he has this HUGE smile on his face and we've found a sport that involves team play with individual attention. Soccer just wasn't his thing. He would avoid contact - it messed him up to get into skirmishes because there are girls on the team and he knows how important it is to be gentle with girls.

We finished our Baseball tutoring night after using all the metal figurines from the Sponge Bob Monopoly game to review different play scenarios and having me putting the little dude on my shoulders cheering his "Home Run".

I'm remembering how easily he took to biking (almost as easy as indoor rock climbing). The training wheels got raised and one day while trying out bikes at Canadian Tire with his dad, he mounted a two-wheeler all by himself and took off around the store isles!! "Rocker Dad" (his dad is a musician recording artist guy and according to our son he is a "Rock Star" - even if he didn't get the lead for the lead singer for INXS....but that's another story) had to pick his jaw up off the ground!

I hope he derives as much enjoyment playing baseball as I did when I was a kid.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Annnd what's so good about it?




It’s 5:15 in the frickin morning.

Loathsome little bird.

My mother pointed out to me yesterday morning that the “sweet little bird doesn’t seem to have a mate, normally I see them in twos”….”I heard it cooing early this morning, did you hear it?”


Yes, in fact I did. There’s a remedy for that, at 5:15:48 this morning I was certain of that. It’s a called a gun.


The miserable, awful truth.

I had become the bizarre jaded roommate in Failure to Launch.

(I actually happen to be a fan of hers since I’m one of the few that actually enjoys Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy – she plays Trillium)

I’m not quite ready for a gun.


But tomorrow’s another day.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Nothing Man

This is my place to laugh, to vent, to support myself, to cheer, to reminisce, to cry, to unload, to create, to grow wings, to express, to learn, to find truth, to free feelings, to be silly, to be self righteous.

All that said, I am observant of how men learn to treat women from their fathers. What burns my ass, no doubt is from me resisting the ugly truth of life by sitting down while truths pull me forward.

Taking a stand on what I wrote below and saying that I find it doubly sad that parents who abandon their children, and those children who know how that feels, will still, repeat the performance, even when options are as vast and endless as our imaginations.

Why people want to fill children’s hearts with sadness is far-far beyond me.

Sunday, April 23, 2006


This is the "I miss Moot" post. (Grog-Moot, Groan and Grunt aka "Lil' Grunt" aka Omar).

Beginning yesterday and carrying straight through till bedtime I am being asked why can't we call him? will you mail my letter? I miss Moot ....*sigh-sigh-sigh*. Even lamenting to his best buddy "Larry" last night while watching the game...a breathy, I miss Moot...

"You're going to mail my letter right mom?"...

"Maybe I'll call him tomorrow, can I call him?"...

"I'm going to fold it so the good stuff is hidden inside"...

The "appeal" to Moot is written in bubble letters and reads as follows:

(Omar draws a heart)
to Moot
from Omar


I mis you A lot!!!

are you comin

*he draws a heart with an arrow through it*


*he draws his favourite new "crazy S" which looks just like this Suzuki logo*

from Omar
to Moot


I asked him what he missed about Moot. He answered with an earnest, "EVERYTHING!".

This all came to "an end" during prayers. We are laying on our backs and I am talking to God about feeling guilty about having water when there are people who don't have clean drinking water and I use it to rinse my dishes....This is interrupted by Omar elbowing me in the BOOB no less "OW! Omar! That hurt!! You just elbowed my in the breast"...."oh, sorry, I thought that was your elbow" :-/ "that was warm and squishy, are elbows warm and squishy?!" .... "well (whispering) I just wanted to remind you to pray about Moot"...


I was instructed to have our angels (we have two I am told) fly over and talk to HIS angels. Then HIS angels are to tell him to call Omar.


p.s. Kiddo also asked to see "Petrock". Yeesh!

Who says you can't window shop while you window clean?

Cleaning day requires zero makeup, damp hair up in a clip and only that I've showered and therefore smell great. Clothes need not match, nor be fashionable hence can be picked for mere colour combination alone. Jogging pants are encouraged.

Omar and I have a breakfast not only fit for a king, but also KING sized. Eating on TV tables while watching

CANADIAN RUGBY which makes everything go down quite nicely...If you've seen our Canadian Rugby team in action, you know exactly what I mean ;-).

Watching England play is never a waste of time. No-no-no... Seeing these men play with their England Rose over their hearts is just an additional bonus.

This infused with that Moore's BIG & TALL commercial where picturing all the models naked comes wayyy too easy.

Hmm. MMmm. I love cleaning day. :D