Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Gentlemen Start Your ... err.... GRAVITY

With the Cub Car (Kub Kar) fast approaching, my brother is destined for Tampa, leaving ME to race his car in the adult portion of the Cub Car race.


Oh, yeah, did I forget to mention that Omar will be racing too. It's all about the kids you know ;).

Here are some of the tidbits of information I found on the net about Kub Kar Rallies:

25 things that could happen at a Kub Kar Rally

Wheels fly off in various directions
Car doesn't move when starter handle is flipped
Car takes the lead then stops a hair short of finish
Car leaps from track colliding with onlookers
Parent won't let Cub or anyone else touch car
Two Cubs think they both made the same car
Car is whittled down so much that it falls apart going down track
Car is so heavy it won't move
Smart Cub drills hole in rear and inserts booster engine with remote controlled igniter
Stray dog enters through open door and borrows a car to use as a chew toy
Car has an obscenity painted on it
Car loses one wheel crossing the other tracks knocking each of the cars off track
Little brother/sister puts bubble gum on axles to help hold on wheels
Pack has pit crew to help with last minute adjustments; e.g. adding or removing weight, lubricating wheels, etc. Leader removing weights accidentally breaks car into pieces
Cubmaster announcing race with microphone who ate too many baked beans at Pack concession stand makes an un-scoutlike raspberry sound - every one looks at him and no one sees which car crossed the finish line first
Tacking nail holding center strip in one lane comes lose and as car heads down, it suddenly pops out and the warped strip pops up flipping car in the air
Car has so much oil on axles that it creates an oil slick all down the lane, closing it for the rest of the race
Track Race results in feud between the leaders that lasts for decades
Nobody will claim one of the cars and it races to victory as the great unknown winner
On the great race day everyone shows up and the track assemblers discover that a section is missing
On the great race day everyone shows up and the track assemblers discover that a section that was used in the school display window has old cars glued in place thanks to a thoughtful den leader
Cubs panhandle for coins to get enough weight to weigh down their cars to the maximum
After winners are announced three Cubs show up and want to know when the race will begin
Pack has family races after Pack races are done, two adults get in a fight over whether one cheated on weight or design
You have the big one (heart attack) when the car your son actually made all by himself wins beating the ones crafted in design shops