Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Of all the things that don’t impress me much……….THIS on the other hand does.

My brother, as I may have mentioned, races and has since he was a teenager. He has built himself a heated garage on his property to further indulge his passion. I must say, I admire that; when a person knows what they enjoy and when they work so hard to fuel that passion. Which brings me to Omar. He is at that magical tender age of a Cub scout who promises to do his best and to do a good deed every day, save the queen, be like god, take over the country or something like that… and with my brother’s help totally kick ass in the Cubs Kit Kar races. I am thrilled to say that I honestly I haven’t seen my brother this excited since his very own last season of racing. When Omar sent Uncle an e-mail asking for help, it was followed up the very next day. I received several calls just today that mentioned car components being ordered from Arizona! PLUS in this two day period, he took a trip to the cubs shop and purchases two of their kits (one for him, one for Omar) in addition to being all over the web searching Rules. Regulations. So Omar doesn’t get a “DQ”…A D.Q. I ask? Yeah, he says, “disqualified”.

I suspect the kid will end up with a car that looks like it came straight from frickin Nasa and my brother will be right behind him with a big ass grin on his face.

JOY. JOY. Happiness IS….

In other news, I’m totally kicking ass on the field. Cleaning up just might be the term. Welcome SUCCESS!!!! I’m not much on material things (see: low maintenance)…But suffice it to say, that the purchase of my car with leather interior and seat warmers was entirely the way to go.

MORE JOY. Happiness!….

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Sunday, January 07, 2007

The Trail

One of the local trails looking like April rather than January.

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