Saturday, November 25, 2006

Read between the lines.


I could use some help deciding what to get myself for Christmas. I have a store credit that I've been holding onto, and, well, it's Christmas, I'm single and I want a gift under the tree. So. Here you have it!

MERRELL Landpro Ultra Sport. Colour? Burnt Henna too flashy? Dark Storm, nice...Dusty Olive, too boyish or just right? Opinions anyone?

Then, there's also a pair of Timberlands with subtle pink accents. I wanna try them both on. Unfortunately the Timberland website hasn't been updated to show their newest sports shoes. The pair I did try on looked alright, but they were a size too large, so, it's hard to say. I'd have to special order a six. Stoopid. As if size six isn't a common enough female foot size to have in stock?! Unless you've got canoe for feet...I mean really. A six. That's not some freakishly outlandish size. Being "petite", can be so frustrating at times.

I am told I will have to pay for the special order and have Shelley (she does all the special orders) bring me in the above Merrells. She works Mon - Fri only, so I'll have to wait either way. But these will make my spring hikes in the Gats so much more enjoyable. The Timberland's are waterproof too...

Oh ~ The stress of shopping! ;-)

Well, enough self indulgence for now. A co-worker has invited me to a Christmas Extravaganza that aids in feeding the homeless. This is an annual event, each ticket sold pays for 3 homeless people to eat dinner on Christmas. Sounds good to me!

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Thursday, November 23, 2006

AVENGE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have a Hounds tooth jacket, it’s lined, but it’s like a thousand hungry little hound’s teeth are gnawing at my neck.

While driving today, some lady on the highway was driving behind me in the fast lane making the sign for “phone” and then banging it down like an angry charades player. I glance at her in my review mirror and she keeps repeating the action, her pinky and pointer finger extended at her ear, “The Phone” and then dramatically she would do the air “Hang Up”. By the fourth or fifth time she does this, I notice her van starting to swerve. Yikes, that’s no good. I told my caller that the woman behind me was going to get into an accident if I didn’t hang up. Some people are so dangerous!

My mom and her twin, my Aunt Marg who’s visiting for the week came over to help me out with some housework. While I organized my office, they folded laundry and did dishes.

Here’s and excerpt: “Cracks? YOU WANNA SEE CRACKS!!”

It only got better.

I L – O – V – E , love-love-love my Aunt Marg. The two have been baking and cooking all week and left me quite possibly the best turkey soup on earth. And. As Aunt Marg puts it; the turkey didn’t just fly over the soup, it’s loaded with meat.


While the three of us worked, I scrounged for details to put my family linage together. I still don’t know my background. I know that I’m French, part Irish and part…. Stray!

GERMAN – Great Grandma (they don’t know for sure, she came over by boat, was an orphan and then she literally disappeared. My Grandma’s sisters were lent out to two wealthy families for home cleaning as young girls and both families paid for the girls education in Toronto. My Grandma worked as a cook for the men up in Bear Island – Lake Temagami, then she met my Grandpa)
ITALIAN – Grandma (dad’s side – Mob relations? She denied that she was Italian or maybe she wasn’t? Who knows?)
AFRICAN AMERICAN – Somewhere on my mother’s side they say.

These are questionable and under investigation, most surprising was that my Great Grandpa was from Holland.

Gotta go. Spiderman is on! Oh that Peter Parker. *sigh*

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Monday, November 20, 2006

No Throwing Stones

With environmentalist David Suzuki
stepping out of the spotlight, (one of my all time favourite people - someone I would be HONOURED to have supper with & my personal hero – having been raised on Suzuki via my father’s influence…), I am happy to see that North Bay and
Calgary have been mentioned in the news recently for their efforts for creating energy efficient homes. Even last night’s news featured more and more green roofs going up in Toronto, something I had originally heard of from my all time favourite shopping store MEC.

Suzuki’s farewell remarks brilliantly put things into perspective:

'I feel like we are in a giant car heading for a brick wall at 100 miles an hour and everyone in the car is arguing where they want to sit. For God's sake, someone has to say put the brakes on and turn the wheel.'


The circulatory system

Drake Landing Solar Community: How it works (Illustration courtesy Drake Landing Solar Community)

Can't wait to see Al Gore's movie AN INCONVIENIENT TRUTH.

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Sunday, November 19, 2006


Friday’s all day course was cool. I got to see pics like this before breakfast. Deeelightful! The fun thing about this work is you get to be exposed to blood, pus, bone, gingival flaps and kill things with a vengeance! Sure it’s viruses and bacteria, but trust me, they’re nasty buggers!!! The course featured more laser technology, this one boasts a dye injected into the periodontal pocket that adheres to the membrane of the meanest nastier bugs then illuminate with laser and the little bastards implode leaving the good guys totally intact = promotes healing. How cool is THAT?! Get’s my vote. See? Killing can be fun! :-)

* Understand, this is after teeth like these have been cleaned.

Omar asked about where I put his first tooth the other day. I may have written about the natural beauty of this tooth. We negotiated via a small note to the tooth fairy a "viewing" of the tooth for a $5 fee with a promisary note of selling to her exclusively the next lost tooth. She accepted. Afterall, this tooth was dental the equivalent to the hope diamond. Pray I find it.
((hugs & kisses))

My only complaint? The nasty douche bag that thought it was necessary to take a bath in perfume. I’m sure it was terribly expensive, but it was also terribly offensive. I’ll never understand, be it man or woman, why on earth people feel it necessary to slather themselves in scent. To me, the hint of a fragrance, where it leaves me yearning for a second whiff is far me enticing than someone ramming smell up me nose assaulting me from all directions. Two words: GO. AWAY.

In other stinks, something has found a corner of my fridge to die in. The culprit is still in hiding, but authorities are on the case.

Took Omar to 67’s game Friday night – they put us up on the BIG SCREEN ~ that was fun and man do those boys play hockey with heart.

Santa came to town on Saturday – Omar understood that this was a big deal when we were given special priviledges by police to travel down blocked roads because of his participation in the parade. I got some great shots of the kids (Canada – you’ll love me for this~!) After we had a bite and warmed up, Omar sat on Santa’s knee. Standing in line waiting, it went something like this:

Omar: Mom, that’s not the real Santa.

Me: No? Why do you say that?
Omar: Look closely, you can see a bit of brown hair – you have to look close.
Me: Hmmm *crouching down to Omar’s level, critically eyeing ole Saint Nick* I see what you see..... Makes sense. I think the real Santa had another booking downtown.
Omar: That’s one of Santa’s helpers, not an Elf, the Elves are smaller.


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