Sunday, June 11, 2006

Swank In The Hood

No longer is the Brookstreet a place for me to soley identify as a first class experience with tastful etched elevators that deposit you to blissful hot stone massage, delectable teas and aromas that transport you.

It is also the meeting place for the Billdeberg Group. If names like Rockefeller, Kissinger, Wolfowitz, Rodrigo [de] Rato or Tucker mean anything to you...What's on the menu for this influential group?

- what to do about high oil prices
- how to lessen the instability of Iran

On a side note of being transported, while the local Limo industry might have more excitement than ususal. For some private excitement I headed over to a friend's place last night and can vouch that this movie not only KICKS ass, it strokes, pats and promises ass a quick stinging slap. Oh yeah. Fun stuff if you like guns, cars and driving stupidly fast.

While my dad likes guns and shooting pics, here's one he took of my brother the other night driving stupid fast heading for the wall going backwards 'all wheels locked.

In other news, it was declared on 6-6-6 the results of the trial. My "friend" whom I hired and supported during the trial believed, naturally that her father was innocent. Especially since he kept telling her so. Grr...The pressure of the events got to her and we had a falling out...Nevertheless, it's gotta suck and it's news and she shouldn't have been such a bitch, I was a good friend to her during a stressful time. The only reason I'm not posting his picture is cause it won't load.

The Totem Pole of Life

Think this declawed 10 year old New Jersey tabby named Jack is responsible for this bear up the tree? Read about it!

This story reminds me of my Grade Three teacher Mrs. Axworthy. She was the teacher all the boys had a crush on. One day she told us all to put our heads on our desks and then using mental imagery lead us on a walk through a forest. During the walk we were told to pay special attention to the denstity of the forest, the light etc etc. We were then posed with different situations such as finding objects and what we chose to do with them were telling observations.

Early in the walk the listener is told a bear is on the path - Now imagine what you would do. Well, the bear symbolizes problems and your actions are how you typically handle your problems.

While I'm not qualified to use the word "Joisey", it does bring back memories of my trip to Hawaii and the layover with Ha-vy aka Harvey and Sheila in Chicago. Either way, someone get that cat a wife beater, cuz any cat that can chase a "beh" up a tree, clearly, faces his problems ;-).