Saturday, April 01, 2006

Earth Princess

It's not even April yet and I have the tell tale signs of mountain biking painting their colourful renderings on my hiney.

I am diligently "in-training" for skating the half marathon with several runs and skates under my belt, a couple of mountain bike rides (yes, there was still snow on the trails *insert beaming smile*). I haven't decided yet if I want a better time or if it will be a joy ride.

In addition to the above, two visits to the gym for cardio and weights with another on my to-do list for tomorrow at 10:30am.

It is with trepid intimidation that I head out on the trails while the ground is soft and trails are wet, rocks are slippery...So...Instead, this may be THEE time to begin to learn some bicycle maintenance. Due to the misfortune of "Undeliverable Christmas gifts" I have found myself the beneficiary of a bevy of mountain biking goodies. In addition, the most wicked chain cleaner, solutions, assessories and so on, a heart rate monitor with GPS device have all been donated to none other than moi. As for the super sweet waterproof continuum vibram Merrell's, well, I'm certain the size ten and a half can transform into a size six.

In other outdoor dreams and desires...I am projecting myself back onto Three Doves at the Gunks, I am camping in Algonquin Park, I am having Teenie (who I saw at the gym today & she looks great) or her husband Orlando massage me, I am playing in the water up at the lake...So much to do, so little time.

I best get to bed, Yoga comes early and Little Grunt has a concert tomorrow. "I will be playing Hot Cross Buns on the recorder...Next, I will be playing Tiger Hunt on the piano". I have had him rehearsing - in front of an audience of stuffed animals, for the family, at T & M's house, so he should feel quite confident.

Would anyone like to buy a size four bridesmaid's gown?

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Everybody Was Kung Fu Fightin'

Day 2: Of "Kicking the Habit" and might I add that I'm in full roundhouse mode. SheeeeYA!
If Ai Ai can do it...

Day 29 of: YOU'RE FIRED!
Ten years in a room with a view...

Second crack at :
Refining the Art of Resume Crafting

  • Zero bouts of panic
  • One hopeless moment picturing the house up for sale
  • Finally breathing with ease, breathing it in like I own it
  • Many moments in awe of my most amazing friends

Yesterday my son requested that I look at his agenda before returning to pick him up for the bike ride home from school. He was certain I was going to ground him.

It turns out that his behaviour has taken a turn for the worse since March Break and he is being told to redo a project in which he used inappropriate language. Now, I understand the boy may have some latent anger brewing - the only thing he has complained of is missing "Grog-Moot". Whatever the case he's expressing himself with words "I ate poisonous grapes", "the rope choked me" and as well with drawings. While the teacher has an issue with it, I see her point, Little Grunt and I talked about respect. I feel it is a healthy and appropriate form of expression. He hasn't started kicking the cat or anything. Speaking to the boy's "dad" is fruitless - tried, dead end.

Little Grunt "Omar" says that he is happy, that everything is fine. The only reason he wrote about shoving an ice cream cone down his throat was because the cartoon cats did something similar. Basically I think he's finding school boring, he's not being challenged and is keeping things interesting for himself. The poisonous grapes came from our camping trip when I talked about poisonous berries. The rope was a dog rescue and to my son Omar, it appeared that the children were being lifted with rope that was tied around their necks. So, all in all, I appreciate the teacher checking, I think bud-dad can lay off the suicidal lyrics and if he's expressing anger at least it's in a healthy manner. I ended up contacting the Principal and explained the situation.

In other news....THE WEDDING IS OFF.

My brother was engaged to be married Easter Weekend. I think it's for the best. He didn't even have a list!?! You know a list of the things that are MOST important to him. I mean, my God, even I know what he values most. She is very sweet and loves him very much, but it just wasn't working out. Spending some time solo might be a good idea for him. I will miss her. I already do.

OK, with Abba keeping me company, this Chiquitita will totally immerse herself back into weaving and crafting a tidy, brief resume, toiling away like Indonesian wood work...Ok, yes, I'm stalling...Back to work!

I just missed a call from Omar's teacher.



p.s. Omar's "dad" just phoned and I didn't hold back this time, I laid it out on the line...One could say he has just experienced my "Kung Fu Grrrrip".....He told Omar that he's only "allowed" to write about happy things at school. God forbid he actually take any ownership of contributing to the problem. When I told him that sending a six year old to day- care with a CD entitled "Psychosexual" is inappropriate! "Uh, that wuz a one time thing". NO, no it's not a "one time thing", I told him this is repetitive. Including a seven year old in on of his new songs about "Suicides" and "Overdoses" is just not necessary "uh, that wuz a one time thing" I suppose thinking it's ok to give a child nasal spray like Dristan is exercising good judgment too. I told him to grow up, get his act together or I will revoke his visitation with our son.

p.p.s. Did I forget to mention that Grandma informs me that Omar says his "dad" lets him swear at his house?

p.p.p.s. Just spoke with Little Grunt's teacher. We're callin' a meetin'! We're both in full agreement the objective is to not crush the kid's imagination in any way shape or form. Why does it feel like I'm raising one of the kids from the Addam's Family?