Friday, April 13, 2007

Wife Swap

Have you seen wife swap?!

Gawd. I LOVE THAT SHOW. It’s like all the things that the actual wife or husband don’t ever say or do gets said and done. The delivery between newly merged “hubby” and “wife” can get pretty raw. Tonight’s episode was really cool, one family was extremely structured, the other, as the show always sets up; the polar opposite.

One dad = completely addicted to video games and has chosen the "buddy" role with his son. The Swam Wife sets a rule of having them visit a professional counselor when she becomes emotional watching the boy and his relationship with his dad. Long story short, the son confesses he’s not feeling loved. While at the other house the Swap Mom has introduced a much looser regime that injects fun back into the family. Their usual eat in the car on the way from activity to activity extreme nature has a much needed breath of relaxation.

The reconciliation scene is always a tear jerker. Husband and wife crashing into each others arms, big kisses. Then the couples sit down as a group. That can get pretty honest and pretty heated too. Tonight it was actually peaceful, which made it exceptional. The addicted dad, who wouldn’t and couldn’t see his behaviour, admitted that he was wrong and that he was able to see things through her eyes. Wow. How rare.

If you’ve never watched this show, I highly recommend it.

Just thought I’d share.



What's RED and WHITE and PINK all over? The Sens KICKING The Penguins tail feathers (DO penguins have feathers?) and ME in my new PINK sens jersey from my good lovin' man.

Now, look wouldja, just look at this SUPER AWESOME SWEET pic I took Wednesday night. My all time favourite number one player, none other than Danny Boy, #11 Daniel Alfredsson taking a shot at net while Pitsburgh goalie looks over his shoulder ... Click on pic for a larger view of utter shutter genius.

How sweet it is...

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Monday, April 09, 2007


Springtime is IT. It’s the bomb. It’s a chance for pink once again, it’s renewed, it’s fresh, it’s the hint of the sizzling heat of summer's promise.

There is something distinct and familiar in a feminine way about springtime for me. Perhaps it’s the pastels and powdery pinks of Easter or maybe it’s the packing away of big boots and wooly warmies welcoming in more breezy apparel. It would be almost perfect if it didn’t conjure up images of the devil herself Martha Stewart.

It’s also time to open & clean windows, rake lawns, pick up doggie doo-doo too. Ugh. The reality sets in that it will take a full week off in order to do all the things that are in my head. So overwhelming in fact that it bowls me over into a cup of tea. Ah yes, the tranquil escape of tea. Tea is like that. It has the crossover potential to suit any location and any fully steeped situation.

So. Plug the kettle in. Heat up the pot. While you too might be gearing up for what’s in front of you. Please, savor this as my Easter treat to you. The kids enjoyed it over and over and over and over again ......of course the reenactments followed.



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